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A security officer position can simply be referred to as a guard. The nature of the work requires the employee to patrol and inspect a certain property in order to ensure its safety from theft, fire, terrorism, vandalism, and other forms of illegal activities or accidents. Unlike police work and other similar occupations, this position requires less training. Thus, a lot of people who are looking for a second or part-time job are attracted to this kind of job.

Security Officer's Nature of Work
You may wonder if all these positions are the same. Well, they entail the same nature of work as mentioned above. The job description includes protecting the employer's properties and investments. It also involves making use of radio and other forms of communication when the need arises. A security officer will need such means of communication when seeking assistance from police, medical, or fire services. Some employers may hire more than one security officer, and communication between them is very important.

The work of a security officer doesn't stop there. Under normal circumstances, they are also required to provide reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the requirements of the company. For those who are in charge of a larger area, such as buildings and offices, they may be required to manage security cameras and tapes aside from the usual log books.

Duties Assigned to a Security Officer
Although most security officers or guards have the same nature of work, the duties that they have to attend to may vary from company to company. The responsibilities of a security officer position may differ according to the specific duties required by the employers. It will mostly vary depending on the place where they work and the job specifications involved. Is it a static security position or a mobile patrol?

Static Security Position
When the job is a static security position, then the work will only require the employee to work at a certain location for a certain period of time. A good example will be a security officer in a bank. In this case, he or she stays in the same location for a specified amount of time. If the position requires a guard at the entrance during banking hours, then the employee is only required to stay around the entrance during the operating hours of the bank. Usually, another security officer will take over at night when the bank is closed. This kind of position usually involves the monitoring of security cameras and alarms, as well as making rounds in a specified area of the building.

Mobile Patrol
On the other hand, the mobile patrol security officer position requires the employee to drive or walk from one location to another. The area that needs security is larger and so a mobile patrol is needed. A great example will be the beach guards you see along the board walk. These people ride a bike around a certain area along the beach to ensure that the area is safe, and that nobody will come to any harm. Another good example is a mall security officer who drives a car around the parking lot surrounding the mall.

Level of Security
Another factor that makes one security officer position different from another is the level of security that is required for the job. For instance, if the security officer position that you're applying for is to secure a nuclear power plant, then the expectations, qualifications, or requirements for the job will be higher. Of course, the compensation and benefits will be better as well. Same goes for the more hazardous security officer positions such as armored car guards.

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Security Guard Jobs

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