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Unarmed Security Guard Job Description
The types of valuables a security guard (also known as security officer) protects are as varied as the specific jobs associated with them. Casino security guards, for example, may monitor casino patrons from a booth using many cameras thereby helping prevent theft. On the other hand, armored car guards are constantly on the move picking up and dropping off large amounts of money. The 'valuables' a client wants protected can be anything from money to devices.

Despite this large variety of specific security guard occupations, security officers have some common duties. The following list represents common duties performed by almost all security guards according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), www.bls.gov:

Guard property against thievery, arson, property damage, and terrorism
Testify in court
Act as property law enforcer
Contact police, fire, or emergency medical services via radio and telephone
Write reports describing observations and activities during assigned shift
Interview witnesses or victims
Prepare case reports

Security Guard Educational Requirements
The main requirement for security guards in almost all of the states is the license (sometimes known as the 'guard card'.) While each state has its own guidelines for licenses, most require the applicant to be at least 18, a high school graduate (or GED holder), pass a background check, complete classroom training, and successfully pass a drug test according to the BLS, www.bls.gov. Classroom training can be one or any number of classes in subjects such as property's legal, emergency protocols, and properly detaining suspected criminals. Typically, post-secondary education degrees are not needed for those interested in becoming a security officer.

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Unarmed Security Guard Jobs

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