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Becoming a teacher is one of the most rewarding and important jobs in the whole world. Once you have decided that you want to devote your life to teaching, you need to consider everything from the kind of subject or subjects you want to teach to the age and experience of your students. To help you figure out where in the teaching world you fit, you should consider the following things.

Think about the subject matter you would like to try your hand at teaching. There is a big difference between being an elementary school teacher and teaching high school English. Thus, figure out if you want to reach one subject or area or if you want to teach a range of things. If you think you want to focus on one specific subject area, consider which subject you seem to enjoy the most or be especially good at: This will make it that much easier for you once you pursue jobs and degrees in your chosen profession.

Consider the age of your potential pupils. Different ages present different benefits and challenges. When it comes time to think about the kinds of students you'd like to work with, consider which age group you work best with or enjoy. Similarly, you should also consider the students' levels. Do you want to work with high achieving honor students or do you want to work in special education? The more specific you are about the kind of students you want to work with, the easier it will be to acquire the necessary training and find a teaching job.

Know where you would like to teach. Not only should you consider the type of classroom and students you want to work with, but you should also think about where you want to teach: different states have different requirements. The more you know about the place in which you want to teach, the better able you will be to prep for this state or district's requirements.

Consider the type of school you want to teach in: there's a big difference between private and public institutions and high schools and colleges. Additionally, consider the size of the institution and the size of the classroom. Some schools have classes that exceed 50 students whereas others have as few as 10 or even less. Do your research and find out what each school type will require of you.

Take the time to research the kinds of training you will need to teach in your desired field. If you want to teach college-level English, you may need to earn your doctorate or PhD, but if you want to teach high school English, you may need to major in Teaching with a focus in Language Arts. The more research you do about a school or district's requirements, the more you can tailor your education to ensure you'll be able to find a job.

The more research you do about teaching, the better equipped you will be to figure out the kind of teaching you want to do. Consider everything from the students to your teaching style to the type of school and classroom you'd like to work in. Once you have done your research, you can work on gaining the necessary credentials and be well on your way to one of the most important jobs in the world.

"One of the Most Rewarding Jobs in the World"
By John Parks

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