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A massage therapist salary would depend on certain factors like place, kind of practice, the therapist's skills and also the experience. Today, the starting salaries for massage therapy are very high. So many people have been opting for this profession. Some people take it up as a part time job whereas some may consider it to be full time job.

In the United States the starting salaries for massage therapy is around forty one thousand to fifty eight thousand dollars. Apart from this the therapist would also get heavy tips from their customers. On an hourly basis, the therapist can earn up to hundred dollars.

If the person has prior experience then the starting salaries for massage therapy would be higher. As the starting pay is itself high there are many people who prefer the therapist job to other jobs. But being a massage therapist can be demanding. That is there is a lot of strain emotionally and physically that is involved. This is the reason for some people take up the job only for certain hours. That is also good enough as they can earn a lot on hourly basis and also the tips also help.

Today, all around the world people like to go for a massage. The demand for massage therapists have increased. They are skilled to provide relaxation and relief to their customers. Seeing the demand for the growth of massage therapist's people who employ them has increased the starting salaries for massage therapy.

Again the starting salaries for massage therapy may differ from place to place. In bigger cities the income they earn may be high when compared to the income earned by therapists in smaller cities. In some places massage therapists earn around fifty dollars in an hour's time. That's the reason why there are many people who take up massage therapy as a profession shift from smaller cities to bigger cities.

There are enough courses that are available to provide good knowledge about massage. Most of the therapist would be well qualified and knowledgeable with this regard. Massage therapist who have their own workplace and employ people earn more. Once a therapist gets enough experience in this field then they can even opt for building up their own workplace.

The profession of being a massage therapist is very popular today as they earn a lot of money. It can be said that such people tend to stay with their jobs as they would be satisfied with what they get.

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