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Glamour, limitless earning potential and opportunities of mingling with who's who of the society adduce a number of youngsters to the job of bartending. But unfortunately enough, many of them are uninformed of the ways how to get started in the bartending profession.

Landing with a bartending job may be either too tough or too easy. As someone said, you need 1% ability and 99% personality to become a bartender. It is after all a show business and you must have the ability to impress with your personality to find out a job of a bar tender. You might have been to top hotel management schools to learn the secrets of drink recipes, but if you do not possess a pleasing personality, you are not likely to perceive the bar manager in the interview. In addition to the personality, you need to show some other tricks to land with a profitable job offer in this engaging area of bar management.

Where should you look for a bartending job?
Why not check with the job consultants to look for a vacancy?

Also go through the classified and specialized job advertisement sections to find advertisement seeking bar tenders. You can also start locally; just make some enquiries in the bars or restaurants in your locality to get a break. Also post your resume in the top job sites on the internet to find a suitable job. And lastly, join a reputed bartending school and select an institution that have a proven record of placement in the reputable organizations. You will get a list of bartender schools in your area from the yellow pages or from the Internet. Leave your resume with reputed establishments. Make sure your resume is free of errors, misspellings, or cross outs. If you have given any references, inform the persons in question about the referral beforehand, because the referrals are always cross checked.

Here are some tips to help you get through the interview for the position of the bartender:

As like all other professions, in the bar tending job also you have to be punctual and courteous. Bartenders have to appear as gracious host and treat the clientele not as mere customers, but coveted guests. So cordiality and positive body language is regarded as special qualities of bartenders. A firm hand shake, eye contact and attentiveness during interview will help you to impress your interviewer. Don't shy away from discussing various aspects of the job with the interviewer with regard to salary, working hour and so on; it only reflects on your professionalism.

Don't assume that a radical look flaunting body jewelry or shocking attire etc will help to get you a bar tending job. It is your skill that matters at the end, so appear for the interview in formal attire to impress the interviewer.

Last of all, remember you will get the chance once to make the first impression and therefore what you need is to wear a confident, poised, & professional look throughout the interview.

While you get your dream job, do not get stagnant, always try to forge new contacts, upgrade your skills and look out to make further advancement in your bartending career.

Visit the resources on this page, all have been tested and proven to be excellent sources for information, Bartending jobs and career opportunities.

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